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But I have nothing to give you. My hands are empty.

Not empty now.

Little Women
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ABOUT Little women fans

littlewomenfans A community for the 1994 film version of the classic Louisa May Alcott novel, Little Women. In this community you can talk about anything related to Little Women or the actors in the film.

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UNDER THE UMBRELLA-Jo March and Professor Bhaer
Jo March met Fritz Bhaer while she was staying in New York, working as a governess ("Good Wives"). She married her German professor and they began a school for boys at Plumfield ("Little Men") and then a college for young men and women ("Jo's Boys").
Taken from: http://www.fanatique.co.uk/soulmates/

The symbolism of umbrellas in Little Women
In Little Women, umbrellas symbolize the protection a man offers a woman. Before Meg and John Brooke get married, Jo gets angry at Mr. Brooke’s umbrella. It seems Jo is angry that Mr. Brooke is going to take care of her sister. At the end of the novel, Professor Bhaer extends his umbrella over Jo, and her acceptance of its coverage symbolizes that she is ready to accept not only his love and protection, but also the idea that men are supposed to offer women love and protection.
Taken from www.sparknotes.com

Played by Winona Ryder and Gabriel Byrne.


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