But I have nothing to give you. My hands are empty.

Not empty now.

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Fic: Two Halves of One Whole
Lady Lola - Reign
erikssiren wrote in littlewomenfans
Hello all! I have a fic for you.

Title: Two Halves of One Whole
Characters/Pairings: Jo/Laurie
Rating: G
Summary: Laurie's thoughts after Jo turns down his proposal
Disclaimer: I don't own Little Women in any of its forms. I'm not quite so clever as to have come up with such a great story!
Author's Notes: Honestly, I don't know where the heck this story came from. I woke up with it stuck in my head and I had to get it down. I haven't watched the movie in ages, so it was weird. But I like it. I hope you all do too!

I didn't send this off to my usual awesome beta, so please excuse any and all mistakes.

I wanted to rage out, yell, scream and cry.


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