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FIC: Little Women - Jo/Laurie - "Coming Home" - PG
NCIS: Gibbs/Abby comfort
babykid528 wrote in littlewomenfans
Title: Coming Home
Author: the27thkingdom (aka babykid528)
Word Count: 490
Fandom: Little Women (AU for Little Men and Jo's Boys)
Characters: Jo/Laurie, mentions of Beth March and Beth Lawrence
Spoilers: Takes place after the movie and book, so spoilers for the movie, Little Women (obvsly), and slight spoilers for a character introduced at the very end of the novel as well.
Rating: PG
WARNING: There is a minor character death in here that makes this AU for Little Men and Jo's Boys (since she's a bigger character in the later books).
A/N: This was prompted by and written for penny_lane_42 over at 1297's Second Chances Fic Meme. Her prompt can be found here. It's sadder than I had originally intended, but I hope you enjoy it. <3
Unbeta'd at the moment, because I am impatient and I feel guilty for bothering karaokegal so much this weekend, lol! So, mistakes and typos are my own.
Disclaimer: The characters contained with belong to Ms. Alcott and her excellent March family universe. <333

Summary: It shouldn’t surprise her then to find Laurie clinging to the rotting post when she arrives. Laurie, consumed with his grief, lonely in it, like Jo once was. Laurie, who just lost his child.

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